If you are booking more than one seat, you MUST tell us the names of the other people on whose behalf you are booking. Students often found fault with the modern architecture of the building, which was less spacious and elegant than the main site. No one likes us, but we don't care!, in imitation of the Millwall fans' famous song: No one likes us, we don't care. Please use the catalogue (described below) to check which items we have, where we have classified them and whether they are available for loan. [24] In the following year, Caroline Croom Robertson joined the management team as secretary to reduce the load on Emily Davies. [25], In 1876, Old Wing was completed, and Taylor's Knob, the college laboratory and half of the Hospital Wing was built. The Year. It holds books in all the subjects covered by the Cambridge Tripos although generally with an emphasis on the needs of Part I. Edward Earle Dorling submitted a great variety of designs to the council, however the task was not easy. In 2005, the highest ever first-class honours in the music Tripos was attained by a Girtonian. Rome2rio makes travelling from Girton College to Addenbrooke's Hospital easy. 4,9 K J’aime. Principal founders Emily Davies and Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon. If you have another session booked in the Library within 3 days and wish to use continue using the same library books without borrowing them, please fill in a “please leave” slip and put both the books and the slip onto one of the designated “please leave” trolleys. The words and the music of the full grace were composed in 1950 by Alison Duke and Jill Vlasto respectively. [82], The Anglo-Saxon collection stems from excavations on the college main site made during construction work in 1881 and 1886, when an Anglo-Saxon cemetery, presumably from the fifth and sixth century AD, was discovered. Keep up to date with our the latest news and events. These can be found on the large table near the entrance; please make sure that you disinfect any item that you use before and after you use it, replacing it on the table where you found it. On this page you can find all you need to know about the Girton College library, along with information about other libraries in Cambridge and electronic resources you can use anywhere. Most undergraduate students live in the main site, and second years have the option of living at Swirles Court, or at one of the college houses: The college owns six houses along Girton Road, another one located opposite the college on Huntingdon Road called The Gate and one house located on the college grounds, called The Grange. However, to remember the time when women were not allowed to obtain degrees of the University of Cambridge, no gowns are worn during the college feast, when students in their final year are celebrated. Girton is a village and civil parish of about 1,600 households, and 4,500 people in Cambridgeshire, England.It lies about 2 miles (3.2 km) to the northwest of Cambridge, and is the home of Girton College, a constituent college of the University of Cambridge.. MAP. The Library also has a photocopier. www.girton.cam.ac.uk. Your official Girton College Facebook page. [42], Rooms in the main site are arranged along corridors, which makes it possible to walk from one location in the building to another without going outside. The two lights flanking that in the centre depict scenes from the Passion of Our Lord. download map - Girton College. Another song, composed in 1972 by JCR president Anna Cocconi,[19] is called Song to Wolfson Court. Autour de Girton college. [78] Outdoor plays are no longer performed in the Fellows' garden because of noise from the A14. Books in the other study rooms are reference only and are not to be removed. The Year. Arriving by Car: It is located in Eddington between Turing Way and Pheasant Drive. It features an interactive whiteboard. 2019/20. Cricket, cross country, lacrosse, netball, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and waterpolo teams are open to both male and female participants. Libraries don’t just stock hard copies of items. Additionally, the JCR and MCR are represented on the College’s Library Committee, which meets once a year to discuss matters of general policy. Petrie and his wife Hilda wanted the mummy to go to a women's college due to its inscription. Comment. [105][106][107][108] Cancellation was then implemented and overseen almost exclusively by senior officials of the college, with all ticket holders receiving full refunds. [81] Most findings, such as domestic utensils and personal items, were long held in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. 1 Girton College Travelling to Eddington How to get here Eddington is located between Madingley Road, Huntingdon Road and the M11 and is just 2 miles from central Cambridge. If you are using a Library computer or other equipment, it is your responsibility to disinfect it before and after use. Download PDF. 3,145 Followers, 294 Following, 347 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Girton College (@girtoncollege) Although the college is mixed now, it’s a powerful reminder of how pioneering women founded Girton in the nineteenth century. The Girton Pioneers.[115]. [19] For example, the second stanza reads: But when I climb up Castle Hill So please don’t bring non-Girton students into the Library at Girton and make sure that you ask permission of another college’s librarian before using that library. There is a College Bar, open till between 11 and 12 in the evenings where regular ents are run. Girton College Dunedin was later renamed Columba College which still exists today as a leading high school in Otago. Only one all-female corridor in which rooms were reserved exclusively for women remained. Depending on your subject, you might have one department/faculty library where you spend a lot of time (e.g. [63] It seats about 200 people and the interior is held very simply with the exception of oak carvings at the Chancel end and on two long desks in front of the choir seats, which were crafted by the mathematician Margaret Meyer, along with students and friends of the college. Girton College Dunedin was later renamed Columba College which still exists today as a leading high school in Otago. It currently has over 260 members. [73] Today, the gardens of Girton are large compared to those of other Cambridge colleges. The reference to no one likes us is supposedly due to the relative distance of Girton in comparison to many of the other colleges. Not unless you choose a boy-friend, Find all the transport options for your trip from Girton College to Addenbrooke's Hospital right here. Development Office Freepost RTJS-ZSHH-ZHBS The Development Office Girton College Cambridge CB3 0JG +44 (0)1223 766672/338901 development@girton.cam.ac.uk www.girton.cam.ac.uk All pages: 2 [21] By 1872, sixteen acres of land at the present site were acquired near the village of Girton. GIRTON COLLEGE. GIRTON COLLEGE The main entrance for visitors and conference guests is via OLD KITCHENS DOOR. [19][20], Through fundraising, £7,000 were collected, which allowed for the purchase of land either at Hitchin or near Cambridge in 1871. A Raven password is required. The Main Library, sometimes called the McMorran Library, is on the main College site. University of Cambridge. download map - Girton College. By 1955 a large cold store had been built behind it. No need to register, buy now! Girton College Huntingdon Road Cambridge CB3 0JG. Mr Tomkinson's fascinating martlets and Lady Stanley's lion had to be abandoned with regret, as was also a design of green and silver chequers which would have given more prominence to Miss Davies."[110]. The current Mistress is Susan J. Smith, who has held the position since 2009. By 1932 the collection had become so large that a new library was opened. Several art collections are held on the main site, including People's Portraits, the millennial exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and an Egyptian collection containing the world's most reproduced portrait mummy. There’s also an all-female corridor. [30] In January 1977, the first two male Fellows, Frank Wilkinson and John Marks, arrived, followed by male graduate students in 1978, and, finally, undergraduates in October 1979. See why it was listed, view it on a map, see visitor comments and photos and share your own comments and photos of … [4] In particular, they wanted to determine whether girls could be admitted at Oxford or Cambridge to sit the Senior and Junior Local Examinations. Please do not lend items that you have borrowed to friends from this or other colleges. The college has outdoor tennis and indoor squash courts, and a gym. Chapel Wing Reading Room (on E corridor) contains four spaces for quiet study, F40 contains three spaces for quiet study, Ask us if you have any questions or need advice, Turn your mobile phone to silent when you come into the Library, Bring food or drink, other than bottles of water or hot drinks in Girtonbranded keep-cups, into the Library or the study rooms, Mark, annotate or in any way deface library materials, Take all your rubbish away with you after using the Library or study rooms, For help and guidance on using the catalogue see our, If you want to request the Library purchases something (books, DVDs, etc.) Also on the main College site there are a variety of other study rooms. [74] They became a preoccupation for the college in 1875 when Miss Davies handed over the responsibility for developing the gardens to Miss Bernard. Its sister college is Somerville College, one of the first two women's colleges of Oxford. The Annual Review of Girton College … if you are studying medicine). Most of Girton’s holdings are listed in iDiscover. [3] They shared the aim of securing women's admission to university. [81] Donations allowed for refurbishments in 1946, 1961, 1991 and 2008. Girton is a village and civil parish of about 1,600 households, and 4,500 people in Cambridgeshire, England.It lies about 2 miles (3.2 km) to the northwest of Cambridge, and is the home of Girton College, a constituent college of the University of Cambridge.. University of Cambridge map and directory Map of the University of Cambridge If printing the map like this meets your needs, fine (setting landscape paper will help). Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In 1869, Henry Sidgwick helped institute the Examinations for Women, which was designed to be of intermediate difficulty. It was funded by the 1969 Centenary Appeal, and designed in 1971 by Cambridge architects David Roberts and Geoffrey Clarke. [57] It was considered to be luxurious and comfortable, as it contained stained-glass windows, leather furniture and a large chimney. Although we are one of the larger Cambridge Colleges, we offer a friendly community where no-one is anonymous. [50] Unlike the main college site, which closes for two weeks during Christmas break, Swirles is open year-round to student living. [81] 'Hermione' is thought to be an 18- to 25-year-old girl from a wealthy background. Please note that copyright restrictions apply to printed and electronic books or journals that you might wish to copy, scan or print; please see the poster near the photocopier for more information. Recent Girton Balls have become much larger and more decadent than their earlier counterparts and the majority of the College site is now included in the Ball area.[102][103][104]. Girton lies furthest north of any Cambridge college, about a 20-minute bike ride away from the city centre. The College-Based Counsellors at Girton are available on a Thursday and Friday during FULL TERM. Download PDF. As Eddington is new, the best map to use for planning journeys is Open Street Map: www.openstreetmap.org. CLOISTER COURT. Not only has the project achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, demonstrating the breadth of it’s environmental credentials, an extremely demanding energy budget was specified and met. Designed by Michael Waterhouse, descendant of the architects Paul Waterhouse and Alfred Waterhouse, the new library consisted of an upper reading room, crafted in oak, and a ground floor, in which the book collections are held. WOODLANDS DOOR. For both seats and browsing, you will be asked to select the session that you wish to book for: Please wear a face covering while in the Library (unless medically exempt) and maintain social distance. Carte Girton - Carte et plan détaillé Girton Vous recherchez la carte ou le plan Girton et de ses environs ? The college has a reputation for admitting a high number of UK state-school students, its community feel and for musical talent. The Lamb who may alone open the book sealed with seven seals is shown at the foot of the light, while the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove is shown at its apex. [54], The initial and defining parts of the college were designed by Alfred Waterhouse: The architect built the main site with the Old Wing, the Hospital Wing, the Orchard Wing, the Stanley library and Old Kitchens between 1873 and 1886,[24] as well as the parapetted gatehouse tower in 1886 and 1887. Benedic Domine, nobis et omnibus huius collegii alumnis, 122kB Size 10 Downloads 127 Views. [96] Girton grants two undergraduate organ scholarships[97] for £300 per annum, choral scholarships[98] for £100 per annum each, and choral exhibitions. GIRTON-A (1676349033) (part of way Tower Drive (628412554)) 810056651 (part of way 155223833) 810056786 (part of way 155223833) 810056795 (part of way 155223833) GIRTON-B (1676349345) (part of way Orchard Drive (61568107)) 810056847 (part of way 67028484) Hundred rooms with running water, In 1865, with the help of Henry Tomkinson, Trinity College alumnus and owner of an insurance company with good contacts within the University,[6] 91 female students entered the Cambridge Local Examination. They were presented to the college by Alfred Waterhouse senior, the father of architect Alfred Waterhouse.[81]. Since 2017, Graduate students live in Swirles Court. [66] The organ was rebuilt in 1974 and can still be found in the college chapel. The chapel choir has 28 members and sings Choral Evensong (Sunday) and Compline (Tuesday) in the college chapel every week. In 2017, Girton College moved the graduate accommodation from Wolfson Court (half a kilometre from the city centre) to Swirles Court (five kilometres away). She presides the College Council and several college committees. It has been sung since the 1960s. Admitting undergraduate students studying all subjects except for the Education Tripos,[99] the college hosts a variety of student-run societies which cater for a wide range of interests. Please note that we may not be able to retrieve the item in time if your deadline is very tight. Please see the College's accessibility guide for more information. a d. Huntingdon Road A1307. The Chapel Wing Reading Room holds the Bohunka Bradbrook collection of English language and literature texts. Items can be lost and you remain responsible for paying the fines or, if necessary, for a replacement copy. Girton College, the Cambridge University college where I am lucky to work, owns a full-scale facsimile of the Hereford Cathedral Mappa Mundi. It provides extensive sports facilities, an indoor swimming pool, an award-winning library and a chapel with two organs. Please park in the ample 'MARES RUN CAR PARK'. The main College site, situated on the outskirts of the village of Girton, about 2.5 miles (4 km) northwest of the university town, comprises 33 acres (13.4 ha) of land. 548 J’aime. [84][87], Girton college has a variety of student-run sports teams and it provides its own sports pitches for cricket, football, hockey, lacrosse, netball and volleyball. www.girton.cam.ac.uk. When that item has been returned to the Library, we will arrange for you to collect it from the Porters’ Lodge . Students may borrow up to 10 standard loan items from the Main Library for 7 days during Full Term. [114] The grace came after the admission of women to full membership of the university so as to bring Girton in line with the other colleges. The exhibitions are free of charge. There are over 100 libraries within the University of Cambridge and the colleges, which together form one of the most comprehensive information resources of any university. A collection of Greek Tanagra figurines, which date to the fourth and third century BC, form the most remarkable pieces of this collection. Nullam enim leo, egestas id, condimentum at, laoreet mattis, massa. Girton College, fondé en 1869, est l'un des 31 collèges de l' université de Cambridge au Royaume-Uni et le premier collège pour femmes résidentiel britannique. The gardens feature the Fellows' Garden, the Old Orchard, Emily Davies Court,… The plaque is located on the entrance tower to Girton College (Tower Drive), Cambridge, CB3 0JG. DVD cases are displayed near the catalogue computers; please ask at the issue desk for the disks themselves. Such a huge spread of minimum rents creates significant disparities in a less well off student’s ability to enjoy Cambridge life, especially given that many are not aware of the price of accommodation when applying. chaucer AND canterbury or voet AND biochemistry. It has a three-storey Extension on one side and the modern Duke Building on the other. On this page you can find all you need to know about the Girton College library, along with information about other libraries in Cambridge and electronic resources you can use anywhere. You will need your UIS/Raven password. Fol-de-re, Fol-de-ra, Back runs of all other journals, bound or unbound, are stored in other rooms. "[69] [81] Named after Girton natural scientist Amy Lawrence, it houses an Anglo-Saxon, an Egyptian and a Mediterranean collection. Moreover, all undergraduate music students are provided with a practice piano in their room for the duration of their course. Address To arrange an appointment, please complete the 'Student Pre-Counselling Form' on our secure website. These cover a wide range of personal issues and may be borrowed confidentially and anonymously. It is inspiring to look into the eyes of these women who pioneered university education for women. Founded on values of equality and diversity, Girton offers every student superb facilities in which to live and learn. Upon the arrival of male undergraduates, JCR and MCR social facilities had to be enlarged. If you wish to study in the Library, please select a specific seat on the basis of the maps shown: Please use booking software to book a specific seat in the Library. 1. [19] Its purpose was to celebrate the first three students who sat the Tripos examinations in 1871. [39] The main site offers 348 rooms,[40] rented for the entire year (38 or 39 weeks, depending on the term dates). Rooms D33 and D35 on nearby Hyphen corridor are group study rooms, whereas D34, the Chapel Wing Reading Room (on E corridor) and room F40 are larger rooms suitable for quiet study. 2019/20. [29] The decision to become mixed came in November 1976, when the Governing Body voted to act upon the statute, which made Girton the first women's college to admit men. Caroline died of a heart attack at her home in Christchurch in 1914. Help using Girton’s catalogue is available in our various eGuides: Everyone has their own preferred way of studying – using books or computers or both, somewhere quiet or somewhere chatty.

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